I once heard that most people consider ‘old’ to be 15 years older than they currently are. So, if you are 15 years old then 30 years old seems old. If you are 45…then 60 seems old. Well, no matter how old you may or may not be, one thing is for sure – We each have the same number of days in each of the years we have each been alive.
I can remember when each of my children were just 1 day old. Just 24 hours. So new and so small and so amazing. Like all of us, that 1 day turned into 2 and into 30 and at the time that I am writing this, my youngest child is 4 years old.
Whatever age you are, you got there the same way my 4-year-old son Obadiah got to his 4th birthday…1 day at a time.
See, all each of us really have is today.
“This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.” This is a line taken out of the 118th chapter of the book of Psalms in the Bible. It’s a declaration and a challenge. A declaration that today is not an accident, nor is it meaningless. The Lord has made today. He made it on purpose and has given it to each of us as a gift. So, let us be GLAD in it.
The profoundness of this line can be easily lost. You see, if you view today as a gift, and you add up all your todays, you end up viewing your entire lifetime as a gift. If you choose to be GLAD today, the same outcome is inevitable. You end-up with your entire lifetime…GLAD. Happy. Joyful. That is the power of being glad today. Whatever you choose today, ends up adding to whatever you chose yesterday and whatever you will choose tomorrow.
Continue adding it all up, and you end up with your lifetime.
Do you want a lifetime of Gladness? Then choose to be Glad Today.


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