By Kelly Baughman

For those with a serious sweet tooth, nothing compares to that first bite of savory sweet cheesecake perfection. Hope’s Cheesecake, a local homemade favorite located at 210 E. 20th Ave. in Gulf Shores, takes the cake when it comes to mouthwatering New York style cheesecake.
This charming little specialty shop began on the Gulf Coast in 1996 with a family recipe and an urge to provide the south with a taste of what makes New York cheesecake famous. With a staff with over 30 years of experience, Hope’s Cheesecakes not only delivers the most decadent variety of desserts, but also delivers hometown service with a smile.
Made in small batches with ingredients like fresh whole eggs, Melipone vanilla, pure cane sugar and juice squeezed from fresh lemons, the special crust recipe combines Zwieback toast crumbs, almond meal and graham cracker crumbs. Special rotary ovens maintain the optimum consistent temperature needed to bake each cheesecake to perfection while baking for two and a half hours.
These gourmet 10” cheesecakes have 12 slices each, and you can choose from candied delights like Andes Mint with rich traditional cheesecake topped with crumbled Andes mint candies and shaved milt chocolate garnish, Reese’s peanut butter cheesecake, Snickers, M&M, Heath Bar, or Butterfinger topped cheesecakes.
Want something a little “fruity-er”? Then try the Apple Crisp with crumbled straddle topping, the Blueberry cheesecake, cherry, lemon, or Key Lime Cheesecake. Hope’s Cheesecake also has gluten free options!
If you can’t decide on a flavor, consider trying a cheesecake sampler. These samplers include the Hope’s Signature Sampler, the Chocolate Lovers Sampler, the Candy Bar Sampler and the Fruit Favorites Sampler. Each one is equally delicious! And for those who can’t get enough chocolate, Hope’s Cheesecake offers their famous Hope Bar, which is a slice of their delicious cheesecake that’s been dipped in chocolate.
Tennessee visitor, Jimmy Bays, said of his regular Hope’s visits when in town, “Hope’s is an Orange Beach fixture. The cheese cakes are second to none. They have a wide variety of flavors and they always taste amazing!”
Rick Johansson from Texas agreed, saying, “We find a way to make it to Hope‘s every time we make it to Gulf Shores. In fact, the last time we came last summer, they were closed for remodeling which was very disappointing for us. But then we found out about the online ordering and had our favorite recipe shipped directly to us.”
Like Johansson said, even if you are not in the area any longer but still need a taste of your favorite Hope’s Cheesecake, you can order from anywhere! Hope’s Cheesecake online store is available and all pies are shipped in EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) containers with Dry Ice included. A corrugated cardboard box finishes the package for added protection. Hope’s Cheesecakes are good for up to 6 months frozen and 10 days in a standard refrigerator, so take your favorite Hope’s to go.
According to and, Hope’s Cheesecake was voted the best cheesecake in the entire state of Alabama and has been featured in the Alabama Back Road Restaurant Recipes cookbook.
Open daily from 10 am to 10 pm, Hope’s Cheesecake is available to hit the spot seven days a week. For more information, visit or call 251-968-5858.


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